What LUMED offers about ECG stress test and CPET

LUMED offers a system that allows perfect and complete integration between the electrocardiographic and gas analysis parts. These two modules can be integrated, or they can operate independently. In this type of examination, the ergometer is an essential component of the system. All LUMED ergometers are characterized by maximum patient safety and guarantee connection to the systems describe above

Electrocardiographic Module

includes a program that can be used to conduct the ECG under stress:

Representation from 1 to 12 leads

– Continuous storage of the tracing

– Automatic and manual printing

– Automatic and manual print reports

– Comparisons of multiple recordings

– Pace-Maker recognition

– Parameter calculation and arrhythmia detection

– Piloting of ergometers and treadmills

The module includes a wireless ECG acquirer with all accessories (patient cable, case, interface) and software for recording standard and stress ECG.

The CORTEX Gas Analysis Module

can be stationary (METALYZER) or portable telemetric (METAMAX) type that can be used for outdoor stress tests with a range of more than one kilometer. The analysis program includes:

Modulo Cortex Metamax per prove di sforzo portatile

Reliable measurements of respiratory values

– Online synchronization with the ECG module

– Simple, intuitive and customizable user interface

– Automatic 2-point calibration

– Interface for connection to external devices

– Quick access to test results

– Immediate differentiation between pulmonary and cardiovascular function deficits

– Assessment of risk picture

– Definition of optimal rehabilitation training and training plans

– Preoperative assessment

– Hardware and software module for baseline metabolic assessment, at rest (with canopy) and during CPET

CORTEX systems used alone or in connection with the stress ECG test module, realizing a total, high-performance interaction between the two modules