SanaSprint Reha

SanaSprint Reha

The system dedicated to cardiorespiratory rehabilitation, designed to manage all aspects of the patient’s training: design of personalized training for each patient, piloting of the ergometer or treadmill according to the protocol, real-time monitoring during training, uninterrupted recording of each training session and data storage, retrospective analysis of the training carried out by the patient, etc.

With SSP Reha the patient can exercise anywhere (at home, at the hotel, in the fitness center, etc.) and thus maintain the benefits obtained from the rehabilitation cycle carried out in the hospital.

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By using the Sanablue 1000 wireless ECG acquirer the patient is no longer bound to the ergometer, he can perform free-body exercises and move around the gym, always being monitored!

SSP Reha pilots the LUMED EUROBIKE 3200 and EUROBIKE 3500 ergometers. It also manages ergometers and medical treadmills available on the market, equipped with standard communication protocols.  Full compatibility with available Windows platforms: desktop, notebook or tablet. For home rehabilitation SSP Reha is a solution that allows you to monitor training sessions and extrapolate accurate and summary information of the entire rehabilitation cycle.

The system manages up to 16 patients at the same time and shows all the information related to groups of 8, or on one or two monitors, depending on the configuration:

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