Ultrasound paper

ECG paper supplier: EUROFILM Ultrasound Paper

ECG paper supplier: Ultrasound Paper

LUMED EUROFILM offers two models of high-resolution ultrasound film for video printers.

EUROFILM is used for printing high-resolution ultrasound scan images. Thanks to the optimal grey-scale response, EUROFILM solves the major problem of the other compatible films, because it can catch all the clinical information as the original does.

Each roll is individually wrapped in aluminum foil, each box contains 25 rolls.

Sony ultrasound film provides superb image detail and excellent resolution of the printed image. The UPP-110 series offers the following advanced features: high water resistance, head-matching performance, grey-scale reproduction, anti-electrostatic layer, minimal curling, high humidity and heat resistance, superior print quality and excellent tearing properties.

(*) includes paper & ink

Mitsubishi ultrasound film is a high-quality product providing optimal resolution for ultrasound diagnostic printing. This paper provides great image detail when used with Mitsubishi printers. Products should be stored in temperature-controlled areas to provide the highest level of quality.

(*) includes paper & ink

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