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Carts for medical equipment in the healthcare sector

Carts for electro-medical and medical equipment represent a valuable support for doctors and health workers in the performance of their professional activity. Their purposes can be multiple because they are suitable for containing and transporting equipment and accessory products or consumables necessary for their operation. LUMED srl, which primarily addresses structures that deal with cardiopulmonary diagnostics, has carefully selected the most suitable types to respond to a variety of needs.

Types of carts for electro-medical and medical equipment

In the health field, numerous instruments are used for diagnostics. For this purpose, trolleys for electro-medical and medical equipment are required that allow the diagnostic devices to be placed on them in a stable manner and allow, if necessary, easy movement from one environment to another.
In particular, consideration is given to the need to use medical devices in combination with computers and for this purpose, among the models proposed there are those suitable for containing printers.
It is also possible to have supports for specific diagnostic tests such as the suction electrode system, for resting or stress electrocardiography and for CPET assessments.

Characteristics of carts for electro-medical and medical equipment

In the healthcare sector, hygiene is a very important requirement and therefore the healthcare carts are made with materials that are easily sanitized. The carefully studied lines of each device are such as to allow a complete and effective cleaning.
The quality of the materials also guarantees maximum durability even for intensive use and frequent movements of medical trolleys. The paints are particularly resistant in order to prevent the formation of unpleasant scratches.
The chromatic choices make these two-tone supports preferring sober colors.
The design of our trolleys for electro-medical and medical equipment is designed to offer maximum comfort for operators both in the simple use of the trolley and in the transport phases. The absence of edges ensures that these supports are safe for both professionals and patients.
The eventual arms are articulated to have the maximum flexibility during use.


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