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HOW AN ECG ELECTRODE IS MADE. Disposable ECG electrodes are commonly used to detect bioelectrical signals; the most common ones on the market for resting and stress testing consist of a number of high-tech components that are highly relevant to the final result: - an electrolyte gel that enables signal stabilization and transmission. The gel [...]


Production process powered by renewable sources BOFAP's production process takes place in Italy, at the LUMED operating unit in Forlì. The process is powered totally by renewable energy sources of our own production, through a photovoltaic system installed on site. The BOFAP production line consists essentially of 4 units: - Hopper for loading bulk mouthpieces [...]


FILTER MATERIAL There are different types of material, identified by their characteristics, such as: weight, size, filtration particle size (in microns) and flow crossing speed expressed in m/s LUMED Srl has chosen TECHNOSTAT: A high-performance filter material that meets stringent efficiency standards. LUMED opted to choose a laminated filter material of the highest quality by [...]

BOFAP, tested antimicrobial effectiviness

Bofap reduces up to 99.9% of particulate matter with a size of 0.2 microns Cross-contamination during spirometer use can be of two types: - By epidermal contact, which can be resolved by simple disinfection - Inhalation of pathogens placed in the instrument by previous patients during exhalation inside the spirometer One of the peculiarities of [...]

BOFAP, description and peculiarities of the product

DESCRIPTION AND PECULIARITIES OF THE PRODUCT The BoFAP filter for the study of pulmonary function has been designed and patented by LUMED srl in order to avoid cross-contamination between patients during spirometric tests. BoFAP combines the ease of disposal, transport and environmental sustainability of simple EUROSPIRO cardboard mouthpieces with the safety features of VB filters. [...]

Holter blood pressure, what is it and why is it performed?

Holter blood pressure, what is it and why is it performed? What it is Dynamic blood pressure monitoring (MAPA or ABPM) is a non-invasive technique that provides information for assessing a patient's blood pressure. ABPM allows blood pressure and pulse to be measured (usually every 15-30 minutes) for 24 hours as prescribed and the results [...]

Positoning of electrodes holter

Positoning of electrodes Select an area above the bone, avoiding muscle areas and breast tissue. Clean thoroughly with alcohol and shave the electrode sites with a razor. Abrade the electrode sites with gauze or an abrasive pad. Allow the sites to dry before applying the electrodes. Snap attach the electrodes to the leads. Apply the [...]

Holter ECG, what is it and why is it performed?

Holter ECG, what is it and why is it performed? What it is The cardiac Holter differs from the electrocardiogram in the time it takes to observe the heart's electrical activity. Using a small portable device called a Holter, it is possible to observe the heart's activity for up to seven days. This equipment allows [...]


EUROCART, THE LUMED TROLLEY EUROCART trolleys, find use for transporting medical systems and equipment in hospitals, doctors' offices and clinics. It supports the medical specialist during the examination and enables effortless movement of equipment from one point to another in the room. It is important that the hospital trolley be made of sturdy but lightweight [...]

What LUMED offers about ECG stress test and CPET

LUMED offers a system that allows perfect and complete integration between the electrocardiographic and gas analysis parts. These two modules can be integrated, or they can operate independently. In this type of examination, the ergometer is an essential component of the system. All LUMED ergometers are characterized by maximum patient safety and guarantee connection to [...]

ECG stress test and CPET What is about?

ECG stress test what is about? The ECG stress test is an instrumental examination during which the electrocardiogram is continuously recorded while the patient performs physical effort under controlled conditions (as opposed to a resting ECG). Physical activity can take place by pedaling on a medical cycle ergometer, walking on a treadmill or using another [...]


The electrocardiogram provides a charted recording of cardiac activity and allows the specialist to identify potential abnormalities in a simple and immediate manner. The growth of telemedicine  and the strengthening of proximity healtcare make the electrocardiogram increasingly accessible, since even going to certain pharmacies makes it possible to perform this examination. The electrocardiograph is the instrument used [...]

what does a patient cable for ecg look like?

PATIENT CABLES The patient cable is a class I medical device and is used to connect medical equipment such as electrocardiographs, monitors, recorders and Holter to electrodes attached to the patient's body. It is therefore an indispensable element in monitoring and diagnostic systems in the medical and hospital fields. Let's understand the coding ONE-PIECE CABLES [...]


LUMED will participate in Exposanità 2022 The largest fair in Italy dedicated to the world of health, will be held from 11 to 13 May at the Bologna Fairs. An all-Italian opportunity to learn about the news on the national and international market dedicated to the health and medical sector. More than 700 healthcare companies [...]

Arab Health 2022, Dubai

What is Arab Health? Dal 24 al 27 gennaio si svolgerà Arab Health 2022 will take place from 24 to 27 January and welcomes health, technology and business professionals from more than 60 countries around the world. In addition to representing an important opportunity for cultural and commercial exchanges, this event with its interactive workshops, [...]

What is audiometry?

What is audiometry? The audiometric examination is able to evaluate a patient's hearing ability and perceptual response to a sound through an electroacoustic device known as an Audiometer. The exam is not invasive or painful, in fact it can be safely prescribed in infancy. How does audiometry work? The patient is made to sit in [...]


The high-precision medical cycloergometer brings together over 40 years of experience in ergometric stress testing. EUROBIKE is the best solution for stress testing, ergospirometry and is particularly suitable for hospital gyms and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation EUROBIKE | LUMED Cycloergometers Easy access for inspection and maintenance and accessibility also for critical patients Colour LCD display with touch [...]


What is Medica? It is a global medical forum of great European value. Since 1969, Medica has aimed to be a meeting place for the various sectors of medicine and diagnostics, so that leaders in the field can take advantage of the opportunity to present their products and services to a well-informed people. What is [...]

AVB filter or disposable mouthpiece, which is safer?

One of the branches of diagnostic medicine of expertise at LUMED is spirometry. During the current pandemic period, many questions have arisen about limiting the spread of the virus, especially in healthcare settings. In particular, in spirometry, to avoid any source of contagion for the patient and health care personnel, it was considered appropriate to opt [...]


What is spirometry? Spirometry is the most common test for measuring lung function and respiratory efficiency. Respiratory function tests are based on various examinations ranging from measuring respiratory flow volumes (Figure 1) to estimate the "physical characteristics" that underlie blood gas exchange. The analysis of the results of the test performed through the spirometer, integrated [...]


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