EUROLINK monitor and telemetry patient cables

EUROLINK monitor and telemetry patient cables

LUMED® EUROLINK offers a range of patient cables for monitors, defibrillators, telemetry, echocardiographs, etc. for most products on the market.

We use connectors that are fully compatible with the devices for which the cables are designed: from the traditional 6-pin AAMI connectors to the typical connectors of the various manufacturers. The terminals are snap (clip) or pinch / grabber, depending on the original reference.

Our cables are tested one by one and over a long, multi-stage process, to give you the guarantee of a fault-free product. The cable cords are shielded against interference by multiple protective layers of various suitable materials.

You are free to download the complete list of our cables. If you need a particular cable, or if you cannot identify a cable, ask us for information:

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