ECG gel & ultrasound gel

ECG Gel & Ultrasound Gel

ECG gel & ultrasound gel

Gel for ultrasound diagnosis and medical treatment. It is clear sky-blue in colour, salt-free and, because of its particular structure, encourages probe movement thus facilitating the operator’s work.

It is produced with a forced vacuum process and is therefore free of air microbubbles, does not irritate the skin, is water-soluble, resistant to desiccation and spreads easily and evenly.

It does not stain clothing, does not grease, does not ionize and does not oxidize over time. It does not contain active ingredients that can damage the probe transducer in any way. The preservatives and dyes used are non-toxic and strictly according to the law. Alcohol-free.


It is available in a 250ml plastic bottle or a 5 L rigid or soft tank.

LUMED EUROCATCH spray gel for ECG with antibacterial effect is an effective alternative to conventional gel.

It adapts to any type of reusable electrode: pump, plates and forceps. It is the best choice for suction electrode systems, such as our EP-OHVAC04! It is available in a 230ml plastic bottle.


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