Production process powered by renewable sources

BOFAP’s production process takes place in Italy, at the LUMED operating unit in Forlì. The process is powered totally by renewable energy sources of our own production, through a photovoltaic system installed on site.

The BOFAP production line consists essentially of 4 units:

– Hopper for loading bulk mouthpieces
– Vibrator and Aligner Drum
– US welding machines
– Packaging machine that packs the individual piece with a biodegradable and compostable film

Absence of glues

The sealing of the filter material inside the EUROSPIRO cardboard tube is done by ultrasonic welding, thus eliminating the use of glue and other additives . Ultrasonic sealing technology is an environmentally friendly technology. Compared to other welding processes, it consumes up to 75 percent less electricity

The Sustainability Triangle

The sustainability of a product concerns the interconnection of 3 aspects.
– Environmental Sustainability , BOFAP is made largely from recycled materials that can be disposed of with paper thus cutting down plastic waste
– Economic Sustainability, the product costs less than a palastic filter, it costs much less to transport and also saves on disposal costs
– Social Sustainability, related to the safety and health of the patient and ‘operator. Bofap negates the risk of cross-contamination during spirometry visits