AVB filter or disposable mouthpiece, which is safer?

One of the branches of diagnostic medicine of expertise at LUMED is spirometry. During the current pandemic period, many questions have arisen about limiting the spread of the virus, especially in healthcare settings. In particular, in spirometry, to avoid any source of contagion for the patient and health care personnel, it was considered appropriate to opt for the adoption of disposable materials to be connected to the spirometer with the almost exclusive use of bacterial-viral filters, preferring them to the simple cardboard mouthpiece without filtering material. The mouthpiece does not protect from potential contagions. In fact, during exhalation, an infected patient injects aerosol into the spirometer. Since the tests come quickly, the next patient inhales the droplet inside the turbine of the spirometer.




Pandemic and the global increase in medical waste

One aspect to consider, especially with the exponential increase in waste during the current pandemic era, is that the mouthpiece compared to the AVB filter has a less environmental impact on ecological sustainability. In fact, for every million pieces used, the use of current filters results in the service and disposal of over 30 tons of plastic materials into the environment. On the one hand, the plastics used in the medical and health sector play a crucial role in the product’s practicality, offering efficiency and freedom of design. Still, on the other hand, there is an indiscriminate increase in their use to the point of creating a substantial problem of sustainability in terms of the environment and disposal.

Can we make a sustainable shift in the medical industry?

Due to the need to broaden the horizons and perspectives of the medical sector, many organizations and companies are investing their resources in implementing more sustainable and innovative principles in the production of medical and healthcare products. It would be interesting to ask ourselves whether the medical and healthcare sector could also take a sustainable turn. Where possible, replace plastics with other materials with a lower impact. In LUMED, for example, we wonder if there could be a spirometry accessory that combines the effectiveness of the antibacterial filter and the sustainability of the mouthpiece, and why not, maybe in the future, realize it……

Eurospiro line, LUMED accessories for spirometry

Eurospiro is the line of accessories for ergospirometry and metabolic tests offered by LUMED, in particular:

Individually packed is practical and hygienic. Made from quality Kraft paper, it comes in boxes or dispensers.

The viral, antibacterial filter is highly reliable and provides a high degree of protection for both the patient and the spirometer. In addition, its low resistance allows for accurate results.

Made of hypoallergenic material and rubber or foam pads to perfect fit and improve patient comfort.