What is audiometry?

What is audiometry?

The audiometric examination is able to evaluate a patient’s hearing ability and perceptual response to a sound through an electroacoustic device known as an Audiometer. The exam is not invasive or painful, in fact it can be safely prescribed in infancy.

How does audiometry work?

The patient is made to sit in a totally soundproof room, the examination involves the use of headphones in which sounds will be sent, starting from lower sounds to higher ones. In this way the specialist can determine the minimum threshold of audibility of the person. If the examination is conducted via the bone, then a device will be used, placed behind the ear, which transmits vibrations through the bone, directly to the inner ear.

Audiometric curve or audiogram

The audiometric test is read by a specialist using an audiogram that shows two curves of different colors, one for the patient’s right ear and one for his or her left ear. The trend of these curves can detect whether there is a hearing loss or a change in the quality of hearing. The figure below shows an example of an audiogram in which the abscissa shows the hearing loss expressed in dB while the ordinate shows the percentage of the carrier radio-frequency, which indicates the bandwidth of the sounds emitted by the device.

Workplace screening

Together with spirometry, audiometry is a fundamental check for safety within the company, especially for those workers subject to tasks and activities at risk of noise, where having a good hearing is essential for the optimal performance of their activities.

Digital Audiometer

The digital audiometer is ideal for audiological screenings and more in-depth examinations and offers technical qualities and advantages such as patient safety, reliability, compact design and ease of use.

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