The electrocardiogram provides a charted recording of cardiac activity and allows the specialist to identify potential abnormalities in a simple and immediate manner. The growth of telemedicine  and the strengthening of proximity healtcare make the electrocardiogram increasingly accessible, since even going to certain pharmacies makes it possible to perform this examination.

The electrocardiograph is the instrument used to perform the electrocardiogram and EUROECG   is LUMED’s range  of interpretive and professional electrocardiographs

There are four models, namely:

  • Euroecg 1201A and 1201 12-channel, with roll or A4/letter pack

  • Euroecg 601 6-channel, with 110 mm roll paper

  • Euroecg 301 3-channel, with 80mm roll paper.

What does the number of electrocardiograph channels correspond to? 

It refers to the number of leads that can be simultaneously displayed on paper. E.g.: a 12-lead, 3-channel ECG will acquire all 12 leads, but will print out 3 leads at a time.

Supplied with the LUMED electrocardiograph are consumables and accessories  (compatible with electrocardiographs of the EUROECG line), which are necessary for carrying out the diagnostic examination:

  •  EUROPAPER diagrammed paper, thermal diagrammed paper in rolls and packs
  • Original EUROLINK coded patient cable EE100LRI-200

  •  REUSABLE clamp and pump ECG ELECTRODES

  •  GEL SPRAY for ECG

  • Bag for convenient ECG transport